An empirical study of innovation-performance linkage in the paper industry


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Aligarh, India


To enter new markets and remain competitive in the existing markets, companies need to shift their focus from
traditional means and ways to some innovative approaches. Though the paper industry in India has improved
remarkably on its technological and environmental issues, yet it shows a low rate of innovation. The present paper
attempts to review the industry in the perspective of technological innovations and investigates empirically the role
of innovations in performance improvement and pollution control. Multivariate analysis of variance and discriminant
function analysis are applied for data processing. The findings reveal that the mean scores on the factors, such as
sales, quality, and flexibility, are higher for the good innovators than those for the poor innovators. Conversely, the
factors which are likely to be reduced as a result of innovations, such as time, cost, emissions, and disposal of
waste, have shown higher means for the poor innovators.