Application of TPM indicators for analyzing work time of machines used in the pressure die casting


1 Czestochowa University of Technology, Institute of Production Engineering, Poland, Częstochowa, Poland

2 Kielce University of Technology, Faculty of Civil and Architecture, Poland, Kielce, Poland

3 Jawaharlal Darda Institute of Engineering and Technology, Mechanical Engineering Department, Maharashtra, India


The article presents the application of total
productive maintenance (TPM) to analyze the working
time indicators of casting machines with particular
emphasis on failures and unplanned downtime to reduce
the proportion of emergency operation for preventive
maintenance and diagnostics. The article presents that the
influence of individual factors of complex machinery
maintenance (TPM) is different and depends on the
machines’ modernity level. In an original way, by using
correlation graphs, research findings on the impact of
individual TPM factors on the castings quality were presented
and interpreted. The examination results conducted
for machines with varying modernity degrees allowed to
determine changes within the impact of individual TPM
factors depending on machine parameters. These results
provide a rich source of information for the improvement
processes on casting quality of the foundry industry that
satisfies the automotive industry demand.