Real-time quality monitoring in debutanizer column with regression tree and ANFIS


Department of Chemical Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, 333031, India


A debutanizer column is an integral part of any petroleum refinery. Online composition monitoring of debutanizer column outlet streams is highly desirable in order to maximize the production of liquefied petroleum gas. In this article, data-driven models for debutanizer column are developed for real-time composition monitoring. The dataset used has seven process variables as inputs and the output is the butane concentration in the debutanizer column bottom product. The input–output dataset is divided equally into a training (calibration) set and a validation (testing) set. The training set data were used to develop fuzzy inference, adaptive neuro fuzzy (ANFIS) and regression tree models for the debutanizer column. The accuracy of the developed models were evaluated by simulation of the models with the validation dataset. It is observed that the ANFIS model has better estimation accuracy than other models developed in this work and many data-driven models proposed so far in the literature for the debutanizer column.