Multivariate incapability index for high technology manufacturing processes in presence of the measurement errors: A case study in electronic industry

Document Type : Original Article


1 یزد، صفائیه، چهارراه سیتی سنتر، مجتمع مسکونی مهستان، بلوک 4، واحد 1103، به نام داود شیشه بری.

2 Department of Industrial Engineering, Yazd University, Yazd, Iran.



Process capability indices play a vital role in evaluating the conformity of the process properties to the required specifications. Process incapability indices are created by transformation in the process capability indices, leading to the separation of information related to the process accuracy and precision. This separation of information can be very beneficial to specify whether the process is capable or not and to detect deviations in the production processes that produce high-tech products, such as the electronics industry. The main goal of this study is to propose a process incapability index by considering the measurement error for processes with multivariate quality characteristics. The efficiency of this index is then examined by a numerical example using Monte Carlo simulation method. Moreover, the performance of proposed approach is compared with the case where there is no measurement error. In addition, as a practical example, this index is compared with a number of recently proposed indices in the literature, and sensitivity analysis is conducted, as well. The simulation results showed that the measurement error has a significant effect on process capability and incapability indices. Therefore, we strongly suggest that the measurement error has to be considered in the process analysis.