Publication Ethics

By completing the “Agreement and Commitment” form, the authors confirm that they deploy the journal ethical policy. This is a critical point before publishing any articles.  Some of the most highlighted principles are as follows:


  • The author(s) confirm that the submitted article has not been previously published anywhere (in national or international journals, conferences, books, etc.) and is not currently under review at another journal. It will not be submitted to any journal until the final is announced.
  • The author(s) confirm that the submitted article is the output of the authors' own research work and all sources used in this research have been properly cited in accordance with standard citing style and their details are provided in the references.
  • Authors must be committed not to send their articles to another journal simultaneously and nor to resend their past published papers.
  • Journal articles follow the copyright policy. Addressing the information included in the articles to their exact source would be acceptable.
  • The writer whose article is published on JIEI is not authorized to publish the same article on another publication due to the Journal prosecution policy.
  • All authors equally accept responsibility for all content in the article