Type-2 fuzzy set extension of DEMATEL method combined with perceptual computing for decision making


Department of IT, Faculty of Industrial Engineering, K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, 1631714191, Iran


Most decision making methods used to evaluate a system or demonstrate the weak and strength points are based
on fuzzy sets and evaluate the criteria with words that are modeled with fuzzy sets. The ambiguity and vagueness
of the words and different perceptions of a word are not considered in these methods. For this reason, the
decision making methods that consider the perceptions of decision makers are desirable. Perceptual computing is a
subjective judgment method that considers that words mean different things to different people. This method
models words with interval type-2 fuzzy sets that consider the uncertainty of the words. Also, there are
interrelations and dependency between the decision making criteria in the real world; therefore, using decision
making methods that cannot consider these relations is not feasible in some situations. The Decision-Making Trail
and Evaluation Laboratory (DEMATEL) method considers the interrelations between decision making criteria. The
current study used the combination of DEMATEL and perceptual computing in order to improve the decision
making methods. For this reason, the fuzzy DEMATEL method was extended into type-2 fuzzy sets in order to
obtain the weights of dependent criteria based on the words. The application of the proposed method is
presented for knowledge management evaluation criteria.